Crammed with tasty natural ingredients that are nutritious and full of heart, dive in and enjoy our delicious range of satisfying snacks.

Dark Chocolate Goldenberries

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Dried Fruits

We select and gently dry the finest quality fruits to bring you delicious, juicy, nutritious snacks.

Dried Goldenberries

Dried Banana


Our superpowders are the superfood equivalent of a multivitamin, made to help you thrive with ease, enjoyment and vitality!

Cacao + Superpowder 100grs

Omega 3 Superpowder 100grs

Alkalising Superpowder 100grs

Vitalizing Superpowder 100grs

Organic Cacao powder 567grs

Seeds + Nibs

These versatile seeds and nibs powerhouses brimming with nutrients to help you feel great!

Organic cacao nibs 400grs

Chia Seeds 1Kg & 600grs

Pumpkin seeds 1Kg


Sweet, delicious and nutritious, try our coconut products for healthy alternatives to table sugar and flour.

Organic Coconut Sugar 1kg

Organic Coconut Flour 1.8kg